Creative Services? Like what?

Like, a lot of different things.

I've worked with entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and just about everyone else in need of services like photo editing, audio editing, video editing, custom retouching, digital image restoration, graphic design and more.

Custom Photo Editing


Several years of experience as a professional photographer has helped me develop a keen eye for detail in tone, color, and composition. Combining that experience with the latest and greatest in photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom CC & Adobe Photoshop CC), I have been able to spare other photographers many hours glued to computer screens thinking about how much they would rather be getting new clients or shooting or hiking or watching Netflix. So get in touch, let's dial in your preferences and let you get back to what you'd rather be doing.  

Digital Restoration





Preserving the past is important. Plain and simple. Using powerful digital imaging tools and a ton of patience, I have restored everything from fading family heirlooms to oversized historical maps for museum displays, and I am always interested in new opportunities to protect pieces of our history.

Other Stuff

Do you need help with something I haven't mentioned? Maybe you're not sure if I can do it. Just ask! My experience and knowledge with some of today's most powerful creative tools means there are a lot of things I can help you with. Digital and printed business and marketing materials, custom holiday greeting cards, custom slideshows... really, all kinds of stuff. Let's talk.